As a business owner your days are filled with maintaining performance, servicing your clientele and managing your employees as well as your assets.  Insurance should not be an area of concern.  As a client of Colonial Insurance Agency, we strive to become your business partner.  Let us take care of the risks and exposures that relate to your business, so you can focus on the areas that contribute to your success.


Property Insurance coverage will protect your buildings, equipment, and contents. It even provides
coverage for loss of use if the property were to be closed due to a loss. Our companies will be there to
get you back to running at full capacity if your business property were to be damaged.


Our comprehensive business plans offer a variety of liability limits to help protect against losses that
your business may be found responsible for. If someone were to break their leg due to a slip and fall,
your liability insurance will be there to protect you.

Business Automobile

Business Automobile provides coverage to the vehicles that make your business run. Whether you’re a
one man show or fleet of vehicles, our companies will provide the physical damage and liability coverage
to make sure your vehicles stay out of the shop and on the road.

Workers’ Compensation

Your employees are some of your most loyal and vital assets. Workers Compensation coverage is
available to pay for medical losses, loss of wages and death benefits if an employee were to suffer a
work related injury.


Crime coverage is designed to protect against theft losses, robbery or burglary or your property. Your
property includes money and securities and is covered on and off the premises.

Mobile Equipment

Mobile equipment provides coverage to the machinery or vehicles used in your daily workload.

Business Umbrella

Business Umbrella coverage will provide the peace of mind that your business is covered beyond its
primary liability limits. Contact our agents today to learn about the broad scope of coverage that an
umbrella policy provides.

Errors & Omissions

Every industry and job has a potential for a mistake or error to occur. Make sure that your business
policy has the coverage to protect you against a negligent act made by you or an employee.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

EPLI coverage is designed to protect against a claim that an employee may make towards your business.
The claim reasons can range from wrongful termination to sexual harassment.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Provide your directors and officers with protection against wrongful acts with D&O coverage.