Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance Coverage

Your home is an investment. Not only from a physical standpoint, but the intangibles and memories
that make it uniquely yours. Our agents will work with you to build a policy to insure that your home
and the personal belongings inside are covered to full replacement. In the event that a covered loss
were to our coverage suggestions and policy limits will make it feel like it never even happened.

Condominium Insurance

Let us help you protect the contents of your condominium. The outside portion of the structure is
covered by your condominium association, but when it comes to protecting the inside walls and your
personal contents, count on Colonial. Our carriers offer some of the most competitive condominium
rates, along with the reassurance that your personal contents are covered to their full value.

Renters Insurance

Ask Colonial about protecting your personal belongings at your rental space. We are able to add specific
high value items or blanket all of your personal belongings into one amount based on what you own.
Rental insurance policies are inexpensive and prove to be extremely valuable when a break in or fire
does occur.