Damaged Windshield: Should I File a Claim?

I have a cracked windshield, what do I do?

If your windshield has a small crack or chip, there’s a good chance it can be repaired rather than replaced.  A general rule of thumb is that if a chip is less than a quarter in size or if a crack is less than a dollar in length, it can be repaired.  Most importantly, many insurance companies will waive the deductible or repair cost if you decide to repair the damaged windshield, rather than replace it.  (Check with your agent to see what your glass coverage entails.)Chipped-Windshield

How It’s Done:

Windshields are repaired by certified technicians.  The technicians use a clear resin and inject it into the damaged portion of the glass.  The resin acts as a bonding agent,  preventing the crack or chip from spreading.  This process can usually be completed in about 20 minutes.


The certified windshield technician will assess your damaged windshield and determine whether or not repair is appropriate.  If the damage is too severe, the windshield may need to be completely replaced.  For your safety, it’s recommended that any damaged windshield with a chip or crack in the driver’s line of sight be completely replaced.  If you need a full replacement, your technician will set a date and time to replace your windshield based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.  Place your trust in a certified technician and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Who Should I Call?

First, call your agent.  Your agent will be able to help determine the severity of the crack or chip.  Based on the damage, they will explore the option of  filing a claim or simply suggest that you have it repaired.  Your agent will likely be able to refer you to a reputable windshield repair shop.

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