Collector Vehicle Insurance

As Wisconsin’s fall season settles in, collector car owners begin to prepare their cherished vehicles for storage.  Each owner has a unique attachment to their vehicle, whether it be because of the countless hours spent rebuilding its engine, or the fresh coat of wax that the vehicle gets each month.  To maintain this attachment owners rely on tailored insurance coverage to protect their priceless ride.  A recognized leader and innovator in the collector car insurance market is American Collectors InsuranceAmerican Collectors provides the coverage needed for those that have spent countless hours and hard earned money on making their collector vehicle a well-oiled machine.  American Collectors provides affordable agreed value insurance for collector vehicles (as well as other collectible items).

Each collector vehicle is unique in its own way, so why not find an insurance policy that will do the same? Key policy features provided by American Collectors include Agreed Value Coverage, which means the vehicle owner states the vehicle’s dollar value and they will insure it for that amount, no appraisal needed.  If a claim occurs while the vehicle is in storage owners also have the option of carrying a zero deductible, reducing the out of pocket cost.  What about the one size fits all policies that only allow the vehicle to be driven 2,000 miles?  Not to worry, with American Collectors, owners can tailor a mileage plan ranging from 2,500 to 7,500 annual miles.  Is there a policy designed for the collector vehicle owner enthusiast that everyone in town knows about?  Of course.  American Collectors offers substantial discounts for high value collections.

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