8 Ways to Prevent a Holiday Break-In

For many, the holiday season consists of family, friends, food, presents and more.  It’s a time of  year that most look forward to, unless of course you’re a plain old Scrooge, and if that’s the case, bah humbug to you.  Unfortunately, burglars look forward to this time of year as well.  The holiday season means empty homes, new toys, and larger amounts of cash and valuables on hand.  Luckily, Colonial Insurance Agency has 8 ways to protect your home against a holiday break-in.


1.      Motion Detector (With Pet Immunity)   About $20 AmazonMotion Sensor

A motion detector may just be enough to deter any unwanted visitors.  These devices can be synced to existing security systems or installed on their own.  The best part, you don’t have to worry about your family pet constantly turning the lights on as they move about during the night.  
Fake TV




2.      Fake TV   About $30 on Amazon

This low energy device can be used to trick burglars into thinking you’re actually home.  The light sensor can be set to turn on when it gets dark outside or it can be set by a timer.  Remember, burglars monitor your daily routine.  If using a timer be sure to set it based on a schedule as if you were actually home watching TV.  Also, if you’re out of town, ask a neighbor to pick up any mail or newspapers.  Accumulation of these items poses as a red flag to burglars that the TV or light illusions are simply tricks!


Driveway Alarm 2


3. Driveway Alarms   About $60 at Home Depot

This handy device sends a doorbell-like chime through your home when a vehicle enters your driveway.  Even better, the device can detect moving individuals should a burglar enter your property on foot.  What’s best? The alarm can communicate with its base device from up to 400 feet away!



Electronic Guard Dog

4. Electronic Guard Dog   About $70 on Amazon

If you don’t own a dog this is a great deterrent for an empty home.  The device is able to detect motion through windows and doors at a range of 30 feet (while sending out chilling recordings).  The dog behind this microphone is certainly not your cozy little lap dog.  A better alternative, pick up a family pet!









Fake Camera System


5.      Fake Outdoor Security Camera   About $6 on Amazon

The visual impact of outdoor cameras or blinking LED lights may be enough to persuade a burglar to pass on your house and move to the next (sorry neighbor).  These fake cameras come with blinking LED lights to make it look like they’re live and recording.  Research other fake systems on Amazon.com and mix and match until you’ve created your ideal bogus system!




ADT6. In-Home Security System    Starts at about $39 per month from ADT

The “Real McCoy” is also an option when it comes to home security systems.  These systems can be synced directly to your local police department and will be sure to make a burglar think twice!




Motion Lights


7. Outdoor Motion Flood Lights   About $20 at Home Depot

Shine some light on the situation with a couple sets of outdoor floodlights.  These are relatively inexpensive and do a great job warning not only you, but surrounding neighbors that someone is outside.  It’s best to install a set of lights by each entrance area of your home.  Nobody likes to be startled by a set of lights turning on, especially those up to no good!





8.Belkin WeMo Light Switch   About $40 on AmazonWeMo Switch

Install this switch and you’ll be able to control your lights from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  Out of town for the holidays?  When that crazy uncle starts telling his favorite family story, play with your lights.  Go from room to room or leave a set on.  This will give the appearance that someone is home and moving throughout the house.







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