Winterizing Your Pool

It’s that time of year again; time to winterize your swimming pool.  The main purpose behind winterizing your swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water.  Another benefit, it keeps the pool clean, saving you time and money when you’re ready to open it back up.  If you’re looking for step by step direction on winterizing your pool, check out this post from Leslie’s Poolapedia.

Winterizing your pool will also help to avoid a costly winter claim with your homeowner insurance carrier.  Each year, insurance carriers and agents receive phone calls about pools being damaged during the winter months.  Here are a few popular causes of loss, which can be avoided by properly winterizing and maintaining your pool:

1. Ladder through the liner: Keeping the swim ladder in the pool during the winter months can cause a very unfortunate problem once the ice starts to melt. The photo below shows the result of the ice melting and then pulling the ladder down through the liner floor.


Suggestion: Remember; take all ladders and other necessary equipment out of the pool before winterizing your pool.  Check, re-check, and check again.

2. Liner problems: Ice typically forms on the pool and freezes across and down the pool walls. The pool walls then look like icy stalagmites. With the addition of weight from ice and snow on top of the cover, you have a recipe for disaster. The weight will push the ice cake down, along with stalagmites, which then puts holes in the liner. The water below will leak out, and tear the safely cover, which in turn will rip the liner right off of the wall. This is an expensive loss and can be easily prevented. in-ground-pool-ice-damage

Suggestion: Clear your cover.  You can also purchase a pump to keep water off of the cover.  If you have snow and ice build-up, use a soft broom or brush to clear it (standing on the cover while doing so would not be a wise idea).  If the snow is light, use a leaf blower.

3. HIRE AND TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL! This is your best bet. Your area is surrounded by pool professionals, take advantage of them.

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Your pool was and continues to be an investment.  There’s no doubt that you receive a lot of benefit from its use, but make sure you take the time to maintain it.


The purpose of this post is to present scenarios that may arise due to neglect and improper treatment of your pool.  Colonial Insurance Agency does not label this post as professional direction or advice.  Please consult with a pool professional regarding any treatments or services that your pool may require.  Also consult with your current agent regarding any related claims.  If you’re in the market for new homeowner insurance, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your insurance and your swimming pool: Phone: 262-255-3770 Email: